Share your stories and memories of the Great War.
The postcard or the letter from a family member, the diary of a soldier, an illustration or objects that they used in everyday life ... tell us the stories and share the memories of those who went to War, or of those who stayed and suffered the impacts of the largest conflict known until then.

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of World War I, the Institute of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, in collaboration with various entities, is promoting a program devoted to the study of Portugal's participation in WWI.

Between 1914 and 1918, more than 100 000 Portuguese soldiers went to War. They fought in Africa and in Flanders, with nearly 40 000 casualties. Almost 8000 men died, many others were wounded; 6000 were reported missing and more than 7000 were taken prisoner... 

It is important to tell their stories and recover their memories. 
We shall try to do so from the collection of testimonies that have been left for the later generations, and from the stories that they have shared with their descendants. 
For both, we need your help. 

Through the promotion of the study and dissemination of different contents, including diaries, letters, photographs and maps, objects, such as medals, decorations, uniforms, but also films, drawings and music, we intend to draw attention to the importance of historical knowledge, essential to the integrity of the memory of the Portuguese participation in the 1914-1918 conflict, an integral part and parcel of national collective identity.

If you have objects that tell a story, photos that show how things were, memories that you wish to share, please do fill out the form below in order to help us improve our understanding of the history of Portugal's participation in World War I.

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